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Property Management

Building Assessment Group has a number of years experience in servicing property management companies.  We understand the complexities of working with owners and tenants with budget constraints.  Our goal is not only to meet our client's Insurance Underwriter's expectations, but to exceed them.  We are proud of our ability to provide exceptional service at a reasonable cost.

General Electrical

Building Assessment Group, Inc.'s state of the art equipment and professional staff provides the ability not limited to the following:

v     Reconstruction of As-Build Drawings of existing properties.

v     Property Management Code Compliance Issues.

v     Provide Third-Party Litigation of Tenant improvements acceptable to Owner's specifications

v     Provide Third-Party Litigation regarding Tenant Code Compliance Issues.

v     Provide Code Compliance of new tenant entering into existing "As-Is" Environments.

v     Provide support with Insurance underwriters with certification of compliance to assist management/owners with possible savings on Insurance costs.

Exterior Lighting/Design/Parking Lot/ Security/Prior-New Installation

Building Assessment Group, Inc. has the capability of providing certification of existing parking lot, lighting calculations, drawings to supplemental owners are in necessary compliance  with necessary foot candles per industry standards.       

   v     Provide support with existing conditions recommendations to adhere to tenants' request.

v     Provide documentation that existing conditions exceed building code standards.

v     Provide recommendations to achieve building standards.

v     Provide As-Build Drawings reflecting electric, utilities, fire alarms, with Survey Documents.

v     Provide Third-Party Litigation verifying existing conditions are within compliance of current industry standards.

 Lighting Maintenance

Our lighting maintenance program is designed to provide a safe environment for your tenants and their customers.  We can track lamp outages or possible underground wiring problems.  By taking advantage of this program, you will save time and money.

Each month, we will send one of our trained lighting representatives to your property.  This representative will survey your exterior lighting, and create a detailed topical site map that plots and numbers all fixtures.  You will be provided a report with our maintenance recommendations to you.  With your approval, and at your earliest convenience, our licensed electricians can begin making any necessary repairs or modifications to your lighting system.   We also offer maintenance programs for regularly scheduled replacement work, and complete re-lamping for interior and exterior lighting.


Depending upon the clients needs, we have the capability of circuit tracing, and load testing of existing systems.  This will enable code compliance regarding existing conditions.  Moves, Adds, and Changes will be detected, thus upgrading the documentation of Existing Conditions.

Building Assessment Group, Inc., with documentation regarding certification and compliance, supports insurance and refinance concerns that existing properties are in compliance with codes or are in progress to achieving the modification rate that will be acceptable to the owner, Insurance Carrier, or financing institution for future savings or for a new Owner.

Egress Lighting

Existing Life safety concerns will be addressed in all of our assessments.  This will include items such as non-compliance issues.  Building Assessment Group, Inc.'s Egress Lighting Certification exceeds NFPA 101.  Building Assessment Group, Inc. can provide a written program which will exceed your next annual Inspection regarding Life Safety.

Thermographic Testing

Thermographic Testing is a non-contact method of detecting thermal anomalies, also known as "hot spots," which usually precede equipment failure.  This non-invasive testing can be done during normal business hours, while equipment is running.  For more information, please see the Thermographic Testing section of our site.

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