• Survey and Compliance of Existing Facilities
  • Our method of survey has proven to be the most successful with results outlining the existing electrical infrastructure, not limited solely to existing structures, but with an eye toward future growth, documenting electrical hazards or possible hazards.  We provide the following to perform our electrical surveys:

    -    Detailed "Drawings of Record" showing locations of Electrical Panels, Size of Panels, Feeder sizes and actual connected load to each panel; and

    -    Written documentation of all findings, listing a critical path for repairs of Main Electrical Service; stating recommendations for optimal use of existing service; and offering suggestions for maximization of potential for future growth.

    This survey will benefit the Owner by the following:

    -    Provide satisfaction that the Electrical infrastructure is secure.

    -    Provide "Drawings of Record" for maintenance and future use.

    -    "Drawings of Record" are an asset to the ownership of the structure in future sales.

    -    Documentation that all Life Safety Codes and National Electrical Codes have been recorded for the existing               facilities.

    -    Provide written documentation supporting the building is in compliance with Life Safety Code 101.

    -    Provide Egress Lighting Certificate.

    -    Provide the Owner with assistance in evaluating a Schedule of Values for any violation, if found.

    We also offer the following:

    -    Individual budges of each line item.

    -    Separate budgets and reports with each property.

    -    Assistance in value Engineering to bring your facility up to code.

    -    Recommendations for energy saving avenues.

    -    Code Compliance of existing facilities with written programs, and option construction management services to come within the compliance of current codes.

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