Fire Alarm Testing & Inspection Guidelines

1.     Determine Type of Occupancy of building utilizing NFPA 101 (1997), Life Safety Code, Chapter 4. (See attachment 1)

           2.     Refer to the appropriate chapter of NFPA 101 section 3.4, Detection, Alarm and               Communications systems.

    -    Determine required Initiation systems per type of occupancy.

    -    Determine required Notification system per type of occupancy.

    -    Is Emergency Forces Notification to be accomplished automatically?

    -    Is a distinct recall signal required?  Does it exist and function properly? 

3.     Refer to NFPA 72, 1996 National Fire Alarm Code, Chapter 3.  Is the system addressable or conventionally hardwired? 

4.     Determine the classification of initiating device circuits, (IDC), Table 3-5 signaling line circuits (SLC), Table 3-6, and notification device circuits (NAC).

-    Table 3-7.1, installed on the system.  List each circuit individually, as each circuit will be       tested individually. 

5.     Perform a walk-through, paying attention to the following areas:

-    List all devices by type and location.

-    List all required systems installed.

-    List all non-required systems installed.

-    List all obvious broken or damaged parts. 

6.     Perform a visual inspection of all Fire Alarm devices, utilizing the test method described in Para. 7-3.1, NFPA 72, 1996. 

7.     Place monitoring of system on test. 

8.     Perform a live test of the system, utilizing methods as described in Para. 7-3.s and table 7-2.2. 

-    Test each NAC Device wiring by breaking the circuit the device is installed on.

-    * Note the make and model and candela of each device.

-    * Note the zone or address of each initiating device.

-    Determine if Sound Pressure levels meet requirements of the specific installation. 

9.  Test each NAC circuit current draw during active operation at control panel.

-    Note each current draw.

    10. Fill out all required paperwork and submit copies as required.

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