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Maintenance Plan for Existing Facilities

A  successful maintenance program is more than just competent people performing maintenance on buildings, equipment or grounds as problems occur.  Maintenance, as any other program, should be cost effective and it in turn will help to assure the successful productivity of all operations.

Cost effective maintenance must have certain elements to provide maximum benefits for the facility.  The following guide will ensure that your maintenance department has successfully created a safe and productive program.

        Competent personnel and adequate tools to handle repairs.

        An effective and continuous Predictive Maintenance Program.  This provides the maintenance department with the information necessary to formulate an accurate schedule of events to take place in an order of priority.

        An effective and Preventative Maintenance Program.  This program allows the maintenance personnel to repair what may have been failure and correct problems at the time of a scheduled shut down.

        A Failure Maintenance Program.  Although Predictive and Preventative Maintenance Programs can substantially reduce the amount of failures, it is best to have a format to quickly and accurately define and repair any problems which have caused an unscheduled  down of production.

In industrial and commercial application, IR can detect poor or faulty electrical connections as well as need for bearing replacement in motors and machinery.  Faults in refractory insulations can be easily identified in boilers, furnaces, kilns and many other high temperature operations.  Steam lines and traps can be evaluated for efficiency.  There are numerous uses for this type of application.

Most often we wait for system failures and the components that are at fault cause damage to many other parts around them.  The total cost saved by early fault detection, when compared to repair or replacement of one motor damaged while in operation, for example, due to bearing failure, will normally exceed the cost of an entire day of Thermographic Testing.  To this component failure, add the loss of production downtime due to premature failures and you can see why it makes sense to use a tool that can detect these problems long before they happen.

Good Thermographic equipment is very expensive and training of personnel is also costly as well as time consuming.  The occasional use (normally only once or twice a year) along with the cost factor prevents most maintenance department from procuring this type of equipment.  This is perhaps the main reason why most facilities prefer to contract for this service to be performed.

Building Assessment Group, Inc. has the equipment and trained personnel necessary to offer this valuable service.  Our proven method of electrical survey provides more than pictures showing an abnormal condition.  We provide  certified documentation reflecting panel/  ampacity size, conductor size, breaker size, and connected load at time of survey.  Thus enabling the client to see what  growth is available for future needs. Building Assessment Group, Inc., has the ability to update As-Build Drawings with our professional support staff.  Our professional services can satisfy a wide variety of customer needs.  The demands our technicianís place on our equipment to assure customer satisfaction is very high.  For this reason, we use only the most accurate and reliable equipment available in todayís marketplace.  Our equipment, with a spot measurement focal point of 1/100 of the field of view, can pinpoint the specific temperature of individual components accurately to within .5 degrees C. or .9 degrees F.   At the completion of each evaluation, a documented and certified report with  photographs and detailed text  is promptly issued.

At Building Assessment Group, Inc., we pride ourselves in the fact that we carefully choose our equipment and our personnel to insure the best possible results for every customer.  We strive to provide complete customer satisfaction at all times.  Whether itís an installation or troubleshooting application, our supervisory personnel are available 24-hours a day, should you require assistance.  Whether itís an entire facility or only one piece of equipment that you feel needs attention, we are available to satisfy all of your needs.

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